Director's Message

Our school is one the departments of Aksaray University and it was established at 2011. It concsist of our subdepartments: Banking and Finance, International Trade and Logistics Management, Business Information System and Computer Technology and Information Systems. The departments provide undergraduate education for 4 years. The programs of the departments are prepared by considering the criteria stipulated by the targeted sectors.

Course schedules are supported by a summer internship in a cooperation with the university and related sectors. To speak foreign languages and  to use computers are the basic elements of the programs. Our education system based on the theoric and applied programs. 

In the school, the course of is offered by an outstanding academic staff as well as by senior executives from financial sector. It is aimed to train experts and managerial candidates  who will respond to the needs of the sector. Currently, the Banking and Finance and International Trade an Logistics Management Department are active.